Penelope Kids Coat Goose Down Navy Blue

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PENELOPE, goose down coat collections are covered with a special water repellent finish to prevent rain and water leakage.
"Ultra Light Down" provides unmatched comfort and comfort thanks to its ultra lightness feature.
Since it has high resistance to rain water and sweating, it does not remain moist.
Since it has high wind and air resistance feature, it keeps warm, easily washed and dries quickly.
Thanks to its light, natural and heat stabilizing feature, it keeps warm on cold days.
Goose down child coat model provides flexibility with its light weight, while providing a warm winter comfort.

"Ultra Light Down" feature keeps warm thanks to its thermal insulation.
It has high wind and air tightness. It has a water repellent feature.
It is resistant to wet and moisture.
It is long lasting.
It is light
Easy to carry.
Easy to wash.

It can be packaged easily.
* The child coat comes with its own foldable pouch to make it easier to carry.
* Wrap the coat compactly by removing air from the coat as much as possible.
* Put it in the pouch and tighten the rope.
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Penelope Kids Coat Goose Down Blue

Penelope Kids Coat Goose Down Blue

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