Delivery Terms


Same Day Cargo 

Your international ship is also shipping to your address on the same day as domestic cargo. 


Weekday hours:all purchases until 15:00 on the same day, Friday after 15:00 and weekends on Monday, your address is mailed.


Delivery within 10 to 25 days

The delivery time of your order for your foreign address varies according to the country you ordered. Your shipping will be delivered within 10-25 business days.


Free shipping for$ 250 and above

Free shipping is available for your purchases from all foreign countries of$ 250 and above. You can see the shipping cost according to the country selected as the delivery address on the address page where the delivery information is entered.



Payment Methods;

You can make a single payment with your credit card and transfer the total amount of the purchases to our bank account registered by Western Union or by transfer method. 

In the transactions to be made abroad, the payment system at the door cannot be ordered. 


Change & Return;

Exchange and return period for purchases from abroad is 7(seven) days. You will be responsible for your return and/or shipping costs in 7 days.

Due to the defective product/products you make purchases, we will pay the shipping fee/charges that will arise from the refund or changes that you request.

In order to start your return or exchange process, you must fill out the explanation section of the communication section within the site and give information about the exchange process by sending a message.

In order to be able to return or change, the products/products to be returned or changed must not have been used, the label has not been damaged and the boxes and accessories that have been shipped with them must not have been damaged. Return or change of products that are not in compliance with the conditions specified in the transactions can not be performed

Foreign shipments can be subject to the customs legislation of the country where the shipment is made. In such a rare case, cargo is held at the customs warehouse seramoda.com he doesn't accept responsibility. In such a case, the costs incurred by the customer will be borne by the customer.


If the product is not taken from customs, the freight and freight charges will be deducted from the amount to be returned to the customer.

In case of not accepting the product at the door in foreign orders, the entire fee will be reflected to the customer together with the taxes.